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Posted Friday, May 15, 2015 // 0 comments (+)

It's been exceptionally cold lately, and while I do love the cold and getting all huddled up and cosy underneath a heap of blankets, I am very unfortunately sick. Spent all day sniffing in and out of my classes.

Today was good actually. Woke up and made some bacon pancakes and watched some shows that I intended to catch up on. Got ready for class an drove to the station, and then after being unable to find parking decided to spontaneously drive to uni. Went to my classes and then headed down to Lygon St. with R and S with the intention of dinner, but ended up getting drinks (not the alcoholic kind, ha!).
Kind of strange that the two friends I've made this semester and seem to spend the most time with are trying to get with each other. 
Trying my hardest to not be a cock block.

Nothing to complain about, everything has been pretty close to status quo, nothing out of the ordinary. Pretty stable emotionally as well. I guess a consistent lifestyle makes for boring blog posts, huh.

Anyway, another time. Going to wallow in bed with a drippy nose now. Bye!
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