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Posted Friday, January 17, 2014 // 0 comments (+)
Sometimes I wonder if you ever get sick of my endless shit. I mean in the past there was reason behind it but now, doesn't it just seem like I'm being selfish?
I've always said that there's probably someone out there much better for you. One that much better caters to your needs and your lifestyle, and as much as I try to match her, I know unconsciously (or rather consciously at this stage) that I never will. I'm starting to worry about how things may change soon, and if you'll still want me. A lot of the time I feel really alone, despite the fact that I shouldn't. Maybe it's just me being a little bitch, but then again what if it really isn't? I don't wanna have to take it if I shouldn't have to. Selfishness gets the best of me sometimes, but maybe that's because I feel like I'm not getting enough attention. But how do I know I'm not..
Sometimes I feel like I make too much of an effort. Or too little.
Sometimes I feel like you're making more effort than you should. Or not enough.

I want to be angry and I want to be upset over this, but then I drown in a sea of guilt.
Where's my knight in shining armour?
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Hello, this is Tien. This blog is the remains of the unconventional cliches and angsty phrases of my teenage years. (Plus a new one every now and then)
I Phoenix, (500) days of summer, double entendres, unmade beds, autumn, Chopin, syncopated melodies, G7 chords and things that make me feel.
1. Staightener. 2. Better grades. 3. A bag that fits. 4. A better appreciation for life. 5. A haircut. 6. A new TV.

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