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Posted Sunday, January 4, 2015 // 0 comments (+)
A long awaited hello to you!

It's a Sunday today, (the 4th of January 2015!) and I can't help but think how unbelievable it is that yet another year has passed us by.
Yesterday I arrived back home after a six day five night trip down to Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula (how crazy is it that I can drive and do this sort of stuff now) with T, M, A, P, R, A and for one day Z and D.

Just a quick recap of those couple days to document the trip.
Monday was our arrival. After running around all morning to pick up some last minute stuff and a maccas breakfast (which is always bomb) we set off. It was about a one and a half hour drive through the city and then on the peninsula highway - which was scary as hell cause of the insane wind and rain and just overall evil weather. But upon arrival, we unpacked and settled in. The rest of the afternoon was poker, card games and getting very very drunk whilst betting on 'horses'. I called it a night early at about 10 30 but I hear everyone stayed up (I kinda regret conking out but there's no way in hell I could have stayed up with them).

Tuesday we awoke late, at around eleven. Had a very disorganised breakfast where everyone kinda sorted themselves out, sat outside with A, Z and D while the others ducked out to the supermarket for milk and spent the 'morning' playing cards and messing about before saying goodbye to Z and D who headed off at around three-ish. Made some ribs for dinner with bangers and mash before all falling into food comas.

Wednesday morning monopoly ended not so well after everyone bailing, so we thought we ought to actually leave the house. On A's advice, we headed out to a national park. We drove out there and took a short walk to an opening onto the beach. We took photos, got waist deep in water, sculpted a kind of crossdressing mermaid and got sunburnt (P copped it worst, followed closely by myself and then A's slightly sunburnt neck). Back at home, we got ready to celebrate New Years with a bbq, Nachos and mi goreng by some mixed triple sec, vodka, moscato and white wine. After quietly ringing in 2015, and having some tea parties (hehe) we all crawled off to bed leaving a huge mess of plates for the morning.

Thursday morning we hung out, not hung over prior to deciding on a trip to Cape Schanck. A half an hour drive later and we were in the dusty mountaintops. After we all met up, we headed out onto the top for the photographer boys to get some shots before slowly making out way down to the base. There, we hopped rocks, took some photos and found a cave that we climbed into. After some exploration, we headed back up, forgetting how many stairs we actually climbed down and needed to climb back up! Back at home, we readied ourselves for a trip to the hot springs, and set off. At the door, we got stopped trying to get seven in when only six were booked, and aside from the packed hilltop pool, the rest of the hot springs were breathtaking and relaxing. Not to mention the lightness we felt sauna after hot spring after cold plunge. Definitely one to remember.

Friday was a definite scorcher of a last day. We had plans of going snorkeling but the weather pretty much said HELLS NO. So we stayed inside blasting the air conditioning and playing some more poker. Later on, we decided we might head down to the beach so with T's ankle giving him a hard time I decided to drive and we headed out. It was dark by the time we got out there but that didn't stop us from wading out into high tide, burying A into some sort of sand merman and doin' a bit of bonding. Back at home, we made a huge deep fry/oven dinner and watched some videos before calling it a night in order to be able to get up in time for check out.

Saturday morning I got up early and so did some of the others to do final cleaning before we checked out. After all the wiping and vacuuming and packing and general cleaning, we headed off regretfully. It was a really fun trip and I would definitely want to do it again. Despite the sunburn, horrible food habits and mental weather, it was all good in good company. Miss it already.
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