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Posted Tuesday, April 21, 2015 // 0 comments (+)
Hey, I did say I'd try to be around more often, didn't I?

So as of lately, I've been feeling a little disconnected. Not in a bad sort of way, or in any literal sense, just a bit distanced from where I used to be. If that makes any sense at all..
It's sort of a serene feeling, for lack of a better adjective. Difficult to tell whether it's due to the sudden arrival of wintery weather or an internal thing of sorts but it's definitely here to stay. At least for a little while.
I'm not sure how to describe it. My train of thought doesn't feel quite as linear as usual, but rather in a messy, cloudy kind of mass. Which is probably why this post seems a bit abstract, or cluttered or however you're describing it to yourself.

Today, picked H up from his home and went for some brunch. Enjoyed some berry pancakes and bacon which I could not finish for the life of me. Dropped him off at the station before heading home, having a quick but rare catch up with the bro's girlfrend and finally pounding out some study time for Thursday's mid-semester. After what seemed like an adequate amount of effort (but really probably wasn't), msged M with a lunch invitation and headed out to Seared, ate, and then shot some pirates and raced (very badly). Headed back to Herms' for a little catch up before home and study again.

I've been sleeping a lot. Not studying enough. Spending a lot of time thinking about things that really aren't worth thinking about.
Okay now I just feel like I'm word vomiting. (That's a phrase I haven't used in a while).
This perpetual tiredness is really getting a hold of me.
I'll sleep it off.
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