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Posted Saturday, November 2, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
Being completely enveloped in examinations, exam speak, study score and atar kinda sucks. Well it's not so bad actually, especially I act as if I don't have exams. Still not studying and it's already started. A little deeply worrying but what can I do.

Saw Herms yesterday! In amongst making some delicious breakfast, serving beer and rewatching Limitless, received a lovely exam care package! A huge box with a jumbo bag of Lindt chocolate, some Anytime lemon candy, some lychee drinks, a huge can of Hello Panda and a pretty little motivational book. Very sweet, literally. Looks like exam period's gonna be packin on a few extra pounds at this rate.

Sorry (to myself) for not dropping by as often as I hoped to.
Good night!
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