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Posted Thursday, April 23, 2015 // 0 comments (+)

Hey I just finished my one and only midsem! Woo!

But now I"m just feeling incredibly tired (for no reason might I add), and pretty fucking lonely.
I guess these past couple days have really been thoughtful for me. In the sense that I've spent a lot of time deep in thought. Which can never lead to anything good. And it hasn't (surprise surprise).

As I said a couple posts ago, things have been progressing in a pretty stable manner, and from past experience, I will always find a way to fuck it up. Which I feel like I have. Been spending a lot of time thinking about how much effort this takes. Getting kind of upset at how it feels like you try so little. And how it feels like I'm the only one working at this and without effort on my behalf it kind of sinks.

I've done this before, I always do this. I break down into a huge mess and can't put myself together. It's always a question of how long it takes you to realise I'm hurt. Maybe hurt isn't the word for it.
Still waiting.
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Hello, this is Tien. This blog is the remains of the unconventional cliches and angsty phrases of my teenage years. (Plus a new one every now and then)
I Phoenix, (500) days of summer, double entendres, unmade beds, autumn, Chopin, syncopated melodies, G7 chords and things that make me feel.
1. Staightener. 2. Better grades. 3. A bag that fits. 4. A better appreciation for life. 5. A haircut. 6. A new TV.

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