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Posted Wednesday, September 26, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Since today sort of sucked I think I'll start with yesterday.

Started work at seven, counting down the hours to the end of my shift at twelve. Got driven to Ginifer Station at twelve, caught the bus to Herms' and onwards to Highpoint. Herms missed the bus... But that's okay, I just got off and went back to his place for about ten minutes before the next bus, his mum fed us chicken. :3
Got back on the bus, got to Highpoint, did a bit of light shopping, bought some stuff from Dotti, Glue and La Senza. Had some lunch then went back home with his sister and her friend. Showed Herms my purchases, chilled, took photos with A and then went home. Very good day.

Today sucked, work from seven to seven. Dead. Feet hurt. I hate people. G'night. :)
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