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Posted Saturday, September 22, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Hey blogger, it has been one hell of a while, hasn't it just!?
Was reading some second degree friends' blogs, tumblrs, whatevers and they seem to have such a good time documenting their life and their happenings, thought I might swing back and give it another shot. I promise I will come by more often, even if I don't have much to say. But I'll flag today as a starting point with some rambles about some happenings in the last twelve or so hours.

Apologies for the awkward smile..

Woke up pretty early, got dressed had some breakfast and got picked up by M and her dad for some Viet school seminar thing. All in all, the whole four hours was a bit dry, a bit draining, and I really couldn't stop yawning, but it's sort of a wake up call. That all so important ATAR exam for some of my subjects are coming and I should really knuckle down, once in a life time chance, and that shit is defining. Life defining.

Anyway, after the seminar/wake up call, left the centre to be greeted by *drum rolls* Herms! Yay! Walked down the street and hopped into the car with G and his missus, N, and drove to docklands for some lunch. Drives are awesome, especially when the weather was as nice as today. Wandered around looking for a nice place to nom, ended up at some riverside place called Meat Market, after an excruciatingly long wait for our food, and two scotch and cokes, we were fulfilled!

Picked up our bill and headed back down Docklands and down to South Wharf. Dropped by the gelati place Herms and I dropped by on our first time out together to reminisce and walk down memory lane with some Cherry Ripe ice cream! Headed back to G's, chilled, back to Herms' for some quick fun and now home. Really sweet day. Choons in the car, cats playing keyboards and contemporary hand holding. Sweeeeet.
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